Aputure Nova P300C RGBWW LED Light

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The Nova P300c is a 300W RGBWW LED Soft Light, and is also the first product in Aputure “Nova” Professional LED Panel product line. The P300c utilizes warm white and cool white LEDs, in addition to the typical RGB chipset used i

The Aputure Nova P300c is a RGBWW panel light with an output that Aputure says is comparable (in certain instances) to the ARRI Skypanel S30.

Because it’s an RGBWW light, (red, green, blue and two whites – both daylight and tungsten hence the WW at the end-), it can simulate various filter effects and colour gels, including colour correction up to 10,000K with green/magenta shift. It also offers special effects, such as flashing police lights, party lights and TV static.

Hire includes a power adaptor, softbox and Meking C-stand.