Aputure P300c Nova Barndoor

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The Aputure Nova P300c Barn Doors are a four-leaf light control accessory specially designed for Aputure’s first high-output RGBWW LED panel light, allowing users to quickly minimize excess spill light and adjust the fixture’s illuminance area. As a native Nova P300c accessory, the Barn Doors slide into the P300c’s accessory slot for a seamless, secure design.

The included Fabric Light Leak Covers solve the problems present in other barn doors, by eliminating excess spill light from the sides of the barn doors, while still allowing users to silently and flexibly change the positions of the barn doors.

Barn Doors come in a Durable Travel Bag that is easy to transport or mount onto the handle of the Nova P300c Rolling Case.

  • 4-Way Design
  • Easy Attachment
  • Enables selective lighting of your subject

Compatible with:

  • Aputure P300c RGB LED

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