Lens Hire’s Feature Artist

We love nosing around and we get excited about how people capture images, what inspires them or catches their eye. We also love sharing and this is what our Artist of the Month features are all about.

Gathered here are a group of artists who have in their own way, and with their own methods of handwork and dedication been so generous to share snippets of their journey and experiences so that we can grow together as a community of image makers and challenge ourselves in our own journey of photography or videography. Stay inspired!

Also, if you know of someone that we should feature as an Artist of the Month, please drop us a note at hello@lenshire.biz!

Carly Webber (Dance Photographer)

Her photos capture elegance at the gentlest moment, passion at its fiery heights and people in the quietest of their soul.  This month we have the privilege of chatting with portrait photographer and story teller, Carly Webber who having taken an eventful journey in photography, have come to vivaciously share with us the paths that have … Continue reading Carly Webber (Dance Photographer)


“I am colourblind and this affects my ability to process images in the same way as many of the people I regularly shoot with.” -@tassiegrammer He is known for his stunning waterfall images and ethereal landscape captures. This month on our Artist Feature, we speak to @tassiegrammer who has established a solid Instagram fan base, … Continue reading @tassiegrammer

Suzanah Do

“Those images came about as a result of my own mental health issues and the goal was to project these feelings onto the audience in order for them to empathise and remove stigma that surrounds mental health disorders.” – Suzanah Do on her award winning images. Part of ‘Anxiety‘ – the People’s Choice Award Winning Series … Continue reading Suzanah Do

Eliza Bell

“I love catching people off guard, particularly those who hate to be photographed or claim to be un-photogenic. I don’t believe there is such a thing.” – Eliza Bell Our paths wouldn’t have crossed with Eliza’s if not for the Brunswick Street Gallery Open Call Photography Prize Show Exhibition, Click 2016!. Being an open call … Continue reading Eliza Bell

Elleni Toumpas

We are so delighted to feature Elleni Toumpas, renowned wedding photographer for our Artist Feature this month! Elleni is a Melbourne based wedding photographer who draws her inspiration by the connection couples share when they are relaxed and in tune with each other. She favours genuine, intimate moments on a wedding day over posed images because this … Continue reading Elleni Toumpas

Yervant Photography

This month’s artist feature turns the spotlight on multi award wedding and fashion photographer Yervant Zanazanian from Yervant Photography International. Known to be one of the first few photographers to adopt the digital wave of photography, Yervant was bold in taking the trend outdoors by photographing wedding couples in candid poses with natural light in … Continue reading Yervant Photography