Elleni Toumpas

We are so delighted to feature Elleni Toumpas, renowned wedding photographer for our Artist Feature this month!

Elleni is a Melbourne based wedding photographer who draws her inspiration by the connection couples share when they are relaxed and in tune with each other. She favours genuine, intimate moments on a wedding day over posed images because this brings out the authenticity of the day which is what she aims to achieve through her craft.

Interestingly, she is currently drawn to harsh sunlight as it allows the play with fascinating shadows and using primarily ambient light challenges her to find interesting ways to make it work for her signature style. Share our excitement and admire her gallery here: http://www.ellenitoumpas.com.au.


Elleni: “On a wedding day, you might have a plan for the day or just for a key portrait you want to achieve. But when things take a turn, creating great images is still important. On Will and Leah’s wedding day, the whole day was overcast and the storm was constantly threatening to wash out our portrait time. But I managed to work with the given environment and was still able to capture this striking portrait of the couple before we all got wet.”


Elleni: “As a photographer I have grown tired of beautiful even lighting. Nothing excites me more than harsh light and intense shadows. When I come across interesting light I always ask the couple if they would like to experiment with the intention of getting something interesting. Sometimes these experiments fail but sometimes it just works right.”


Elleni: “Capturing beautiful and intimate shots in the normal everyday locations is my goal. This shot was taken down at St Kilda, but shooting a little low and exposing a little under created something a little different.”


Elleni: “When the couple is standing in nice light, sometimes all I need to do is ask them to have a casual chat. With the location and light working its magic, sometimes that is all you need.”

Check out her galley at www.ellenitoumpas.com.au.