Aputure Space Light

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  • Bowen mount
  • Soft diffused light
  • comes with reflector cloth

Compact but efficient – measuring at 28.5′′ in height and 18.1′′ in width, the Space Light adds rich volume to your light source while diffusing it evenly.

The Space Light is malleable – equipped with a detachable reflector and skirt, it provides more options for directional control of your light output. You can also control the length of the skirt, giving you full control of your light.

The Space Light is versatile – it is compatible with our entire Light Storm COB Series, and also works with any light equipped with a Bowens mount.

Compatible with:

  • Aputure 300d
  • Aputure 300d II
  • Aputure 120d II
  • Aputure 60x Bi-Colour

How to set up and use video