F&V K4000 Bi-Color LED Panel

Rental price for 1 panel
(First day rental rate)
AU $18.00
Rental price for 3 panels
(First day rental rate)
AU $50.00

The K4000 Bi-Color Studio Panel light sports 200 daylight balanced LEDs and 200 tungsten balanced LEDs, allowing for seamless transition of white balance between 5600K to 3200K. The light offers 1534 Lux @ 1 meter with full daylight and 1332 Lux @ 1 meter with full tungsten. Carefully selected LEDs are put through multiple tests and evaluations to ensure perfect color balance and diode matching. This offers an absolute pure color consistency between LEDs, and a TLCI of 97.

Single Kit includes:

  • 1 x LED Panel
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 2 x V-Lock batteries
  • 1 x Light Stand

Triple Kit includes:

  • 3 x LED Panel
  • 3 x Power Cable
  • 6 x V-Lock batteries
  • 3 x Light Stand