Godox 120cm Parabolic Softbox (Bowens Mount)

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The P120H is a high-temperature resistant version parabolic softbox.

  • Adopts deep parabolic box design, which enables light to be sent out straight, and the brightness to be decreased progressively from the center to peripherals. This results in extremely even, soft and highly saturated light effects for shooting.
  • Great for a wide variety of applications in photo studo
  • Works like an oversized reflector, which is good for light concentration and gaining light effects with soft and high saturation.
  • Diameter: 120cm
  • Depth: 74.2cm
  • Weight: 2.73kg (includes carry bag)
  • Working Temperature of up to 85 degrees celcius
  • Reliable and durable
  • Long service life – the softbox adopts 16 premium metal rods

Perfect for use in:

  • Portrait Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Family Photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Creative Photography
  • and more.