Yervant Photography

This month’s artist feature turns the spotlight on multi award wedding and fashion photographer Yervant Zanazanian from Yervant Photography International.

Known to be one of the first few photographers to adopt the digital wave of photography, Yervant was bold in taking the trend outdoors by photographing wedding couples in candid poses with natural light in an era where wedding photographs were taken indoors with artificial lighting and prepared poses. This etched Yervant’s position as a trail blazer and subsequently awarded the Fellowship by the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). He was the youngest member to receive the award.

We are pleased to share with you some of his award winning photographs and some of his thoughts while creating these images. You can view more of his works at


“I have been shooting weddings for 30 years now. My style has been coined as ‘Fashion Meets Wedding’. I love fashion photography and apply much of my techniques to wedding photography. I like giving my couples results that are unexpected, untraditional and fashion forward.”

YerOld003 copy

“This is an iconic Yervant image. This was shot in Moscow in 2005 and it was the last shot of the day as it started to rain. The bride decided to have some fun and thew up the umbrella and I caught the moment. At that instant, I knew I had nailed an amazing image.

This consisted of heavy Photoshop work of that time, but the image became an international icon as the only wedding photograph to have scored a perfect 100 by the panel of 6 judges at WPPI to date.”

YerOld032 copy

“This picture is one of my photojournalistic images which scored Gold with distinction here in Australia and also abroad.

Many photographers able themselves in a particular style such as Photojournalists. I have preferred not to label my style as I believe a wedding allows one to be any type of photographer. My most significant quote which has become internationally recognised is “I am a portrait photographer, a fashion photographer, a landscape photographer, a photojournalist all in any five minutes of a wedding day with no stylists, no art directors and no second takes. I have to visualise, see, take the picture and get it technically and aesthetically right!”


“I use available light 95% of the time. I do not like artifical light. Window light for me is the most beautiful light. Here is an example of the use of just a window light for the capture. Then I have worked the image to bring out the important highlights and make it a glamorous wedding image.”

 You can view more of his works at