I am colourblind and this affects my ability to process images in the same way as many of the people I regularly shoot with.” -@tassiegrammer

He is known for his stunning waterfall images and ethereal landscape captures. This month on our Artist Feature, we speak to @tassiegrammer who has established a solid Instagram fan base, to find out more about his adventures, his thoughts and the amount of dedication he puts in to improving his craft.


How did you get started in photography?

My partner and I went flew to Byron Bay to meet my parents for a holiday, and my father had a Canon SLR camera with him. I was intrigued by how technically complex the camera seemed outside of any auto shooting modes, and as I am a bit of a tech geek I just wanted to know everything about how it worked. Not long after that holiday I bought myself my first SLR camera and took it everywhere my partner and I went and just practiced and practiced until I figured out how to use it properly.

What was it about photography that attracted you?

Photography is not just a creative art, but is also a highly technical art when it comes to using cameras effectively. Understanding what a camera will do under certain lighting conditions, or knowing how to shoot a broad range of subjects is something that takes a lot of practice and knowledge to figure out correctly. Not only do I love the end result of creating beautiful images, but the process itself is just as fun and interesting as it takes skill and knowledge to do so. Photography has also provided me with great opportunities for many adventures and also to meet so many amazing people along the way.

What are some of your current favourite gear, or all time favourite photography gear?

I have always used Canon bodies and lenses and am currently using the Canon 5Ds/5DsR series body as well as the Canon 5DMKIII. I love all of these cameras. I don’t know what I would do without my favourite lens which is the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II. I use a lot of filters for the style of photography I do and have recently switched to using Nisi Filters and the results I have been getting from them are incredible.



Is there a particular subject that you enjoy photographing?

I absolutely love photographing water in motion, particularly waterfalls and seascapes. Luckily for me close to home in Tasmania there are many waterfalls and also plenty of beaches and waterways to visit any time I want.


What have been some challenges you have faced in your creative journey so far?

Learning how to process and edit images after they have been captured has definitely been the biggest challenge. I am colourblind and this affects my ability to process images in the same way as many of the people I regularly shoot with. It takes me a lot more time to ensure that I am getting even the simplest of changes correct, and I have on many occasions gotten things completely wrong. Thankfully I have my partner and some very good friends who are quite happy to tell me when I have gotten things completely wrong.

Is there a particular subject, moment or place that is on your bucket list to photograph?

Basically anywhere where there are waterfalls. I am currently pursuing a personal project to photograph as many waterfalls in Tasmania and elsewhere throughout Australia. I have been planning a lot of trips around the seasonal rainfalls here throughout Australia and have a long way to go for this project, but so far have really enjoyed pursuing this.


Where, what or whom do you draw your inspiration from?

Instagram is a huge source of inspiration for me as there are so many incredible photographers who use this platform. Some of the people I follow produce some incredible content that leaves me amazed every time I see their posts. Some of my absolute favourite accounts to follow are @_danieltran_, @lake_of_tranquility, @jasonlstephens, @tscharke @kieranstoneau and @midnight_photography. Not only are these people highly talented photographers but they enjoy going on adventures as much as I do, and reading some of the stories they tell inspires not only me but many other people to get out and do the same thing.

You have a robust Instagram following and we believe it is a result of the beautiful images you have photographed. Was there a particular moment/experience that was a turning point that made you want to continue pursuing photography? 


Before Instagram I was already into photography, but definitely not as much as I am now. Moving to Tasmania nearly 8 years ago definitely provided a spark that I needed to attempt to create the style of images I am always drawn to as our the scenery here is so good. I am lucky enough to run my own online marketing company that specializes in tourism marketing, and this has not only given me the flexibility to be able to travel and pursue photography, but has also enabled me to monetise my photography through content production for clients. The combination of inspiring places to visit as well as the opportunities provided through my professional life have definitely given me the drive to continue improving every time I go anywhere with my cameras.

What are some ‘crazy’ things you have done to achieve a shot?

I push the limits quite a lot when I am close to water, which has put both my camera gear and myself at risk. On a recent trip to Victoria I cam extremely close to being swept off a rock shelf on the Mornington Peninsula. I was hit very, very hard by a freak wave and if I didn’t see it coming and was able to brace myself for it I am sure I would have been swept off. This has happened to me several times in different locations.



What advice/experiences would you share with fellow photographers who feel like they are stuck in a creative rut?

Quite often photographers are so focused on the one style of photography they do eg. landscapes, macro, food etc etc. I think it is very important to try new styles of photography and to continue improving your overall knowledge of photography in general. I think this goes the same for processing – quite often it is so easy to process and edit images in the one style and to use a regular workflow, which produces a particular style or feel to your images. Experimenting and trying new things will quite often ignite a spark to either take your photography in a new direction, or improve your skills and understanding for the style of photography you love to produce.


All image credit to @tassiegrammer // September 2016