Tilta Cage for Sony Alpha Series Cameras

Rental price
(First day rental rate)
Material Aluminium
Threaded Holes 1/4″-20: 89
3/8″-16: 4
Aperture Maximum: f/1.4
Minimum: f/16
Weight 264 g
• The cage includes two removable mounting rails, one for the a7, a7S, and a7R, and the second for the a7 II, a7S II, and a7R II.
• The included wood handgrip features a start/stop-recording trigger and takes a AAA battery (not included). The handgrip mounts to the cage via an ARRI-compatible rosette system that allows you to adjust the angle of the handgrip for your comfort.
• This form-fitting cage features 89 1/4″-20 threaded mounting holes, useful for attaching accessories like the included single 15mm rod clamp.
• The top handle features an accessory cold shoe mount, and it can be oriented either facing forward, rear, or to either side. It mounts via a top rail and can be slid on and off from either side. Integrated into the top handle are nine 3/8″-16 and twelve 1/4″-20 threaded accessory mounting holes.
• The 15mm LWS support rod system features three 1/4″-20 helical coil inserts for tripod mounting and an integrated Tilta-compatible dovetail (dovetail plate not included).
• Locking levers are of the standard Tilta spring-loaded design.