PocketWizard Flex TT5 (Canon)

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The FlexTT5 is an autosensing transceiver. That means you can use it on your camera as a transmitter or connected to your flash as a receiver – or both! It can give you TTL communication between your compatible Nikon camera and flashes, as well as trigger other flashes manually. It uses radio signals instead of infrared so you can now place TTL or manual flashes anywhere to illuminate the scene: Around corners, out-of-sight, and in bright sunlight.

With FlexTT5s, you can sync your Nikon speedlights up to 1/8000 using High Speed Sync (HSS), plus adjust power to the remotes from your camera’s position in either manual or TTL, using a master controller like the AC3 ZoneController or a master flash. The FlexTT5s can sync at faster speeds with studio strobes using our patented HyperSync technology and are also compatible with any PocketWizard radio for triggering remote manual flashes or remote cameras.